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The Beyond Place is a weekly newsletter featuring writings by Jenny Perlin, director of The Hoosac Institute. The Institute seeks to lift up the complexity of art in all its forms and that’s what this newsletter will do too. There’s a free section and a paid subscription section. Each week, I’ll post a short text I’ve written based on an image from the journal or related work. Paid subscribers will gain access to longer essays, reflections, and related media.

Hoosac is a word from the Algonquian language that means the beyond place or the place of stones. The Hoosac river (also spelled Hoosic or Hoosick) runs through Western Massachusetts, where the Institute was founded in 1970. Our banner image is from the original letterhead and features an image from a labor protest in 1886 in Chicago’s Haymarket Square. I revived the Hoosac Institute in 2018 as a way of inviting interdisciplinary artists into conversation and community.

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Director, The Hoosac Institute.

p.s. about me:

I’m an artist and writer born near the Hoosac, raised near the Ohio, residing near the East River. Creating bridges among the arts is what I love to do.

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Jenny Perlin

Jenny Perlin is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the director of the Hoosac Institute, a curated online arts organization.